My daughter is getting married in a few weeks. It is amazing how many topics need to be discussed as the wedding day gets nearer. One of those is my big belly.( I know); there has been a no carb/no sugar rule in our house. I’ve stuck with it for the most part and have seen amazing results, from my perspective. Joyce and Dani use the word good to describe my results. Either way when you follow a plan, or let’s say do what you are supposed to do, good results happen.

The last two weeks my Pastor has been talking about an incredible treasure we each have. One of his points was that we have The Counselor, who comes along side us, to assist us. He, the Spirit, is right there as we do the work set before us. My Pastor's point is we have to listen and obey His directions. When we do, we see amazing results that only He could produce. My new favorite quote is: “We become blessable”.

When I follow the directions of eating no carbs and no sugar, the weight comes off. When I obey the direction of the Holy Spirit I become blessable.

How about you, are you blessable today?