The Mission

Greater Bean Coffee is a non-profit company that provides fresh roasted beans for a greater purpose! 

We work to provide food, shelter and hope to children around the world who have been orphaned by the hardships of aids, war and natural disasters.

The Story

After a full satisfying career of firefighting in the suburbs of Cleveland, OH, I decided it was time to retire. Like most retirees, I found myself excited and a little restless about the possibilities for the future.  I took inventory of my life. I love God. I love the church. I love to pray and see God in action. I love talking and being with people. How could I weave all these great loves together?  

For over 30 years, I’ve been involved in my local church and invested my time and money there.  It was in the middle of thinking about my future (one can do a lot of thinking while sitting around) that I picked up the best seller, Hole In Our Gospel by Richard Stern, CEO of Worldvision. LINK TO BOOK

This is when things began to change. I was immediately moved by the book. For the first time in my life, I began to understand the magnitude of the orphan problem in Central Africa and comprehended the seriousness of the AIDS pandemic. As a father of four children, I felt compassion for the families and began to imagine the pain and yearning that fathers all over Africa must be feeling as they try to raise their own families in dangerous and challenging circumstances.

As I finished the book, I realized I was living in a fantasy world- a Disney World- while the orphans of Central Africa were living in what can only be appropriately described as hell. What were these orphaned children going to do? What would become of them? What was a retired middle class firefighter from Cleveland, Ohio, supposed to do? 

Then I felt something deep in my soul, in a new way I had never experienced before; I was completely broken--not broken over my own trivial problems or my boring schedule--but broken over the massive need in Central Africa.  So I responded the only way I knew how- on my knees, crying, and asking God, “God, what could I do? What do you want me to do? I’ll do whatever… but I can’t do it without you.” And then...the answer. 

Like most retirees, I had taken up a new hobby: roasting coffee. It was only after I had prayed and asked God what I should do that the picture became clear - coffee and Africa. Why not sell this delicious, home roasted coffee, and give away the profits to orphans in Central Africa?  Presto!  Greater Bean was born! 

Today, I spend my days roasting a superb coffee, selling it, and supporting orphans. Greater Bean’s mission and vision is to support as many orphans in Central Africa, which coffee sales will support. So what will you do? Will you join the vision? Will you enjoy a little coffee for a cause? This story isn’t over. We are just beginning.  Join the story. Join Greater Bean!


Our Roots

Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, we breathe orange and brown, and serve our freshly roasted coffee to the greater Cleveland area, as well as around the country; and although we serve around the world, we also help out those in need around our city.



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